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April Gigs.

Spent my April Fool’s Day watching Silent Sanctuary live at Laguna College of Business and Arts. And take note, I was on the stage, on their right. I was breathing the same air as them, we were on the same atmosphere. That was my second time I watched them performing in a school. After I bought the tickets for the gig, I found out that they will also performing in our brgy. for the fiesta. Nagastusan pa ako, kainis! Hahaha. It was on the 5th day of April and hours before ung program, Ate Irizh, an also fan of Silent Sanctuary and Team Jasonatics confirmed she’ll be watching them too. All the way from Las Pinas, we decided to meet up at Jollibee Mamatid. While on our way to the Mamatid Court – the venue, she told me so many stories and experiences about herself watching gigs, how she and Jason knew each other, the news about the whole band and everything that wasn’t that much confidential and were not being noticed by many fans. Mga kwento palang nakakakilig na haha. She told me the reason that she came here were not just only to watch them but to give Jason a shirt designed by herself. Sabi niya pa nga, gusto siguro ni Manong ung design ng shirt (basta an edited photo of Jason) kasi before nung nagpagawa sila ng shirt, tinanong nya si Manong kung anong size nya. Pero di sya sumagot, ngayon sinend muna ni ate Irizh ung design and he said medium kay yun. And it was Kevin – one of the Silent Sanctuary’s staffs, the cool guy who testes first the drums before kuya Allen, went to us para ibigay yung shirt kay Manong. Ganito kasi, they were already at the stage and played their first and second songs. Ate Irizh edited a photo that served as our banner and me pointing to the phone that she was holdinh for us to be noticed by Jason. Luckily, he spotted us and said hi. Then, we tried it again, he noticed us and we said about the shirt. That’s when he told Kevin and he approached us in the middle of the crowd.

Okay, so going back before the program started. Ate Irizh chat Jason if we could see him in private for the shirt and for the picture. (She said she will do her best to have me and Jason in one picture when she knew that ever since I never had a photo with him even though I watched their gigs so many times). I remember myself praying shortly because of our chances, “Lord, isang picture lang. Please.” And yes, Mamu – their road manager I think wasn’t there. (Masungit kasi siya haha that is why some of the fans were afraid of her). While waiting for the program to start, she showed me videos of Jason during gigs, his pictures, she told me who Manong is outside the stage. Nagulat nga ako sa sobrang dami ng revelations pati yung isang video ng gig nila sa Bulacan. Goodness!

We planned how we will able to see Manong personally. She wasn’t expecting the number of people who were there kaya pati siya nag aalala na kung makakapagpapicture pa kami. And we came up to this plan na during their last song, which we thought Ikaw Lamang but it was Bumalik Ka Na Sa’Kin, we’ll take our exit and proceed to their holding area. But because of the number of crowd, nahirapan kami. She was feeling sorry pa nga kasi baka mag fail yung plan namin. We were both worried and excited at the same time.

The whole gig was fun and rad, sobrang powerful! They played: Hiling, Kundiman, Meron Nang Iba, Di Bale Na Lang (solo si Manong 😊) Sayo, Pasensya Ka Na, Sa Piling Mo, Rebound, Shut up and dance with me (chorus) and Bumalik Ka Na Sakin. I wasn’t able to take pictures because I was too busy taking videos. But it was fine, every moment were captured. Still have the same feelings for them as if I am watching them playing for the first time.

After they played, we were patiently waiting for them in their holding area. Like us, there some people who wanted to have picture with them. Even though ate Irizh knew personally their staffs, still we weren’t allowed to enter. And while waiting, I prayed and I believed to what ate said that time, “Tiwala lang, zelle.” We were hoping that Jason was online. He was, but he’s busy kasi ang tagal niya talaga magreply as in. He said, hindi daw nagpapapasok kasi baka pag pumasok kami eh papasok na rin lahat. Waited. Then finally, kuya Anjo, kuya Allen and kuya Kim went out. And we walked with them to the parking area. Ate Irizh had the chance to talked with kuya Dennis (staff) about their Baguio gig on May. And me, watching kuya Anjo na hindi pa nakasakay sa van nila while answering his phonecall. When ate Irizh approached kuya Allen, lumapit na rin ako syempre. He was inside of his car, preparing himself to leave first kasi sa Cavite pa siya. Then he asked, “Saan ‘tong Mabuhay City Main?” (Dahil sa app on his phone). And of course, I had my chance to answer him. Haha! Then he asked, “Paano ako lalabas dito?” I told him the direction and then he said, “Sige, picture na tayo.” We had a picture before he left, yehey! I had the chance to say, “Salamat po. Ingat po kayo pag uwi.” And he answered back. *Kiligs* Pero yun nga, since we were busy talking with kuya Allen. We didn’t notice Manong’s reply on chat. He said, pinapatawag niya daw kami while they were waiting kaso wala daw kami. Huhu, I missed the chance. So we went back and sabi namin sasalubungin na lang namin sila. So, grabe! Ang tagal talaga haha. Ang tagal naming naghihintay, pero worth it naman yon syempre. And then finally, ayan naaa. He’s wearing a Brisom shirt, si Manong. Even though he walked after Sarkie, mas nauna ko pa syang nakita kesa kay Sarkie haha. Then ayun nga, malapit na si Sarkie sa amin when I had the chance to talk with him shortly. As in short lang talaga, I just only said, “Ingat po kayo, salamat po sa inyo.” And nag thank you rin siya with his sweet smile and a cute wave. Sobrang gwapo niya pala sa malapitan.

And there was Jason na hinarang na namin. I hugged him tight the moment na nakalapit kami sa kanya. He’s talking with ate Irizh, but that’s fine. Solve na ako sa 10+ seconds na yakap! I thanked him sa pagpunta nila and I asked for a picture pang graduation gift lang. Pumayag naman siya agad agad kahit na nagmamadali na sila. Nakailan ata akong thank you sa kanya. Paalis na siya pero yung kamay ko naipit sa pagitan ng likod at ng backpack niya, and nahirapan akong alisin yung arm ko. Super babye ako kahit hindi ko na sila nakikita. After their van left, I told ate Irizh, ang bango bango ni Manong and she strongly agree with me.

After that, we went for a store to buy bottled water. And it happens na yung mga staffs ng Silent Sanctuary was there, bought soft drinks while waiting sa isa pa ata nilang gamit na naiwan sa stage. Ate Irizh approached them, and I am waiting for our water. It was just a short moment and before they leave, kuya Pancho gave me a high five. They told us na mag ingat kami pauwi. Mababait pala sila. Nung pasakay na kami ng tricycle, kuya Randy rolled down the window on the passenger’s seat and said, “Oy, ingat kayo. *with a wave*.”

When I got home, I’m still telling ate Irizh how thankful I am for that night, how kilig I was and how happy I am. I remember her words before I sleep that night, “Tiwala lang. Tingin ko naman tanda ka na ni Jason.” Matandain daw kasi si Manong. Literal na matanda na, haha. Charot!

After that I messaged Jason, nag thank you lang naman ako kasi pumayag siya makapagpicture kami. Pang graduation gift na niya sa akin haha. He replied naman, maiksi pero okay na. Kilig pa rin! 😍

And waaaaait, I got a video greeting from him. Ha! Umuunlad talaga ang pagiging fan girl ko. (Thank you ate Rochie and ate Irizh, love you both. See you soon!)


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