Oh, hi my head bang king <3

On this day, 22nd of March 2017, and my friend request got accepted. My head bang king, my favorite bassist – Jason Rondero of Silent Sanctuary and Brisom. And I can’t move on.

It was 30th of September 2016 when I started to like him and became a huge fan. There was a college night at Malayan Colleges of Laguna and his band, Silent Sanctuary was invited to play. Supposedly, I should be in front of my favorite member of the band, Chino David, the violinist and back-up vocals, but because of the crowd, I was on the other side of the stage. Yes, in front of this hot and cool guy, Jason. That was the first time I ever noticed him playing bass guitar intensely and passionately. 100 pogi points!

I can’t forget that moment, when I was taking a video of him while playing their very own Kundiman. I waved my hand at him and mouthed hi, I was hoping he will ever notice me at least just for a single glance. And he did, hs waved his hand back and smiled at me. Kitang kita doon sa video ko yung ganda nung smile niya at kung gaano siya kagwapo. I admit, he really looks cool and astig when he play his bass guitar, when he backs up on vocals, when he grooves and make head bangs, wen he make jump shots. Waaa! Ang puso ko. Paano?

After that night, I started stalking him on Twitter, Instagram and WordPress. He even replied some of my comments there, and pinupusuan niya rin yung mga pictures na ti-nag ko sa kanya. And now, we’re literally friends on Facebook. Isa na ito sa mga dream goals ng lahat ng mga fan girls sa mundo, maging friends nila sa Fb yung mga hinahangaan nila.

And as I continue to like him, I’m looking forward to have a photo with him. And even a video message congratulating me because my graduation is in weeks now. I also want him to remember me as one of his fans who always want to watch Silent Sanctuary’s gigs every now and then. But I know it’s impossible for now. Ah, basta! Friends na kami sa Fb. Waaaa!

Disclaimer: Below is from his bio on shoppersguide.com.ph

About Jason Rondero

Jason plays bass for Silent Sanctuary and Brisom. A League of Legends and anime/cartoons junkie, he hates not finishing one’s food and sleeps most comfortably with a blanket even when it’s hot. He also just recently mended his lost ties with desserts and the beach. His personal blog is: https://pseudoquintessence.wordpress.com/


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